• Calcatera S. (2018) Novel and differentially abundant microRNAs in sperm cells, seminal plasma, and serum of boars due to porcine reproduction and respiratory syndrome virus infection. Animal Reproduction Science 199, 60-71.

The objectives of this study were to identify and determine relative abundance of miRNAs in boar sperm, seminal plasma (SP), and serum pre- and post-viral infection. Functional enrichment analyses on predicted targets of miRNAs of interest were performed. Boars (n = 6) were inoculated with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSv) strain 1-8-4 (Day 0). Semen and serum were collected on Day -2 and 6. Sperm and SP were separated and aliquots were flash frozen and stored at −80 °C. Serum was frozen and stored at −80 °C. Total RNA was isolated from sperm and SP samples and subjected to RNA sequencing. Microarray analysis was performed using the Day -2 and 6 RNA samples from serum, sperm and SP. Potential miRNA targets were predicted using miRanda 3.3a and targets were then analyzed for enrichment of Gene Ontology) and InterPro terms and were considered to be enriched if P <  0.01 using the Bonferroni correction. Microarray analyses resulted in 83, 13, and 10 miRNAs with differences in abundances in sperm, serum, and SP, respectively, when comparing Day -2 and 6. Results from enrichment analyses indicated that the predicted targets of 35, nine, and five miRNAs with differences in abundances for sperm, SP, and serum, respectively, that have functions and/or conserved protein domains that are enriched when compared to the pig genome. Enriched terms for P2X purinoceptors were identified for sperm, SP and serum. Enriched terms for cell adhesion were identified for sperm and serum transcripts. Enriched terms for cell signaling were identified for sperm and SP transcripts.

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