• Stare T, Ramšak Ž, Križnik M, Gruden K. (2019) Multiomics analysis of tolerant interaction of potato with potato virus Y. Scientific Data 6(1), 1/11/2019.

Potato virus Y (PVY) is the most economically important viral pathogen of potato worldwide. Different potato cultivars react to the pathogen differently, resulting in resistant, tolerant or disease outcome of the interaction. Here we focus on tolerant interaction between potato cv. Désirée and PVYNTN. To capture the response in its full complexity, we analyzed the dynamic changes on multiple molecular levels, including transcriptomics, sRNAomics, degradomics, proteomics and hormonomics. The analysis was complemented by the measurements of viral accumulation, photosynthetic activity and phenotypisation of the symptoms. Besides cv. Désirée we also studied its transgenic counterpart depleted for the accumulation of salicylic acid (NahG-Désirée). This multiomics analysis provides better insights into the mechanisms leading to tolerant response of potato to viral infection and can be used as a base in further studies of plant immunity regulation.

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