• Li Y, Cui W, Wang R, Lin M, Zhong Y, Sun L, Qi X, Fang J. (2019) MicroRNA858-mediated regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta) based on small RNA sequencing. PLOS ONE 14(5), e0217480.

As important regulators, miRNAs could play pivotal roles in regulation of fruit coloring. Actinidia arguta is a newly emerged fruit tree with extensively application prospects. However, miRNAs involved in A. arguta fruit coloring are unknown. In this study, A. arguta fruit were investigated at three developmental stages by small RNAs high-throughput sequencing. A total of 482 conserved miRNAs corresponding to 526 pre-miRNAs and 581 novel miRNAs corresponding to 619 pre-miRNAs were grouped into 46 miRNA families. Target gene prediction and analysis revealed that miR858, a strongly candidate miRNA, was involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis in which contributes to fruit coloring. The anthocyanin level was determined in three A. arguta cultivars by UPLC-MS/MS (ultra-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry). In addition, qPCR (quantitative real-time PCR), cluster analysis were conducted as well as correlation analysis. All results were combined to propose a model in which describes an association of miRNA and anthocyanin biosynthesis in A. arguta. The data presented herein is the first report on miRNA profile analysis in A. arguta, which can provide valuable information for further research into the regulation of the miRNAs in anthocyanin biosynthesis and fruit coloring.

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