• Katchya A, Edvardssona K, Aydogdua E, Williams C. (2011) Estradiol-activated estrogen receptor a does not regulate mature microRNAs in T47D breast cancer cells. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 128(3-5), 145-53.

Breast cancers are sensitive to hormones such as estrogen, which binds to and activates estrogen receptors (ER) leading to significant changes in gene expression. microRNAs (miRNA) have emerged as a major player in gene regulation, thus identification of miRNAs associated with normal or disrupted estrogen signaling is critical to enhancing our understanding of the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer. We have previously shown that 17

Selective release of microRNA species from normal and malignant mammary epithelial cells Endocrine Disruptor Regulation of MicroRNA Expression in Breast Carcinoma Cells