• Cai Z, Zhang L, Chen M, Jiang X, Xu N. (2014) Castration-induced changes in microRNA expression profiles in subcutaneous adipose tissue of male pigs. J Appl Genetics 55(2), 259-266.

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are class of molecular regulators found to participate in numerous biological processes, such as adipogenesis and obesity in mammals. To determine the roles of miRNAs involved in castration-induced body fatness, we investigated the different miRNA expression patterns in subcutaneous adipose tissue between intact and castrated male pigs. Our results showed that castration led to decrease serum testosterone but increase serum Leptin levels (P < 0.01). Moreover, castration also increased adipocyte size, body fat content and backfat thickness in male pigs (P < 0.01). Meanwhile, miRNA expression profiles in adipose tissue were changed by castration, and 18 miRNAs were considered as the differentially expressed candidates between intact and castrated male pigs. Furthermore, functional analysis indicated that the differential expressed miRNAs and their target genes are involved in the regulation of fatty acid metabolism. In brief, our present study provides a comprehensive view on how miRNAs works in subcutaneous adipose tissue with castration. These results suggested that miRNAs might play an important role in the castration-induced fat deposition in male pigs. (Read the full article…)

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