(Aug 14, 2013) – LC Sciences announces its new RNA-Seq Bioinformatics Service. Continuing advances in sequencing technologies, increases in the number of installed sequencers, and the decreasing cost of sequencing have all contributed to the generation of vast amounts of raw sequence data.  This has led to perhaps the largest challenge faced by scientist performing sequencing experiments, assembly and analysis of the data.

  •  There is a growing backlog of sequence data resulting from the large amount of time, computing power, and expertise required to complete the data processing.
  •  At LC Sciences, we have rapid, standardized workflows in place for filtering, normalizing, alignment and statistical analysis of these large, often complex data sets.
  •  LC Sciences’ decade of experience in transcriptomics analysis empowers our bioinformatics services capabilities and ensures fast and reliable results.

Bioinformatics Services:

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