The epidemic of dengue virus infections has spread markedly in Yunnan province of China in recent years due to an increase in the number of imported dengue cases. A recent study is the first to report a whole genome sequence and molecular characterization of an imported DENV-4 isolate from Thailand.

The current strain, 2013JH285, has an RNA genome of 10,772 nucleotides that shares 99.0% nucleotide and 99.7% amino acid sequence identity with the 2013 Thailand strain CTI2-13. Phylogenetic analysis of the whole genome sequence revealed that the 2013JH285 strain belongs to genotype I of DENV-4. Recombination analysis suggested that the 2013JH285 strain originated from inter-genotypic recombination of DENV-4 strains.

The new complete DENV-4 genome sequence reported in this study might contribute to further understanding of the molecular epidemiology and disease surveillance of DENV-4.

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T. Wu, X. Zhang, M. Tian, Q. Tao, L. Zhang, Y. Ding (2018) Molecular characterization of an imported dengue virus serotype 4 isolate from Thailand Archives of Virology pp 1-4 doi: 10.1007/s00705-018-3906-7 [abstract]

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