MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important regulatory roles in numerous biological processes, but there is no report on miRNAs of hybrid snakehead. In this study, four independent small RNA libraries were constructed from the spleen, liver kidney and muscle of hybrid snakehead. These libraries were sequenced using deep sequencing technology, as result, a total of 1,067,172, 1,152,002, 1,653,941 and 970,866 clean reads from these four libraries were obtained. 252 known miRNAs and 63 putative novel miRNAs in these small RNA dataset were identified. The stem-loop RT-qPCR analysis indicated that eight known miRNAs and two novel miRNAs show different expression in eight different kinds of tissues. For better understanding the functions of miRNAs, 95,947 predicated target genes were analyzed by GO and their pathways, the results indicated that these targets of the identified miRNAs are involved in a broad range of physiological functions.

LC Sciences 


Gong W, Huang Y, Xie J, Wang G, Yu D, Sun X, Zhang K, Li Z, Ermeng Y, Tian J, Zhu Y. (2018) Identification and expression analysis of miRNA in hybrid snakehead by deep sequencing approach and their targets prediction. Genomics [Epub ahead of print]. [abstract]

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