DNA Sequencing

Our next-gen DNA sequencing services make use of the latest in deep sequencing technologies.  The VariantPro™ targeted sequencing system coupled with Illumina’s industry-leading DNA sequencing methods enables discovery of germline or somatic mutations, detection of low frequency alleles, and high throughput…

RNA Sequencing

Our sequencing services make use of the latest in NGS technologies. Illumina’s industry-leading RNA sequencing methods enable discovery and profiling of RNAs in any organism without prior genome annotation, and allow for the most accurate detection and quantification of rare RNA sequences. (See a comparison of all sequencing services)

Microarray Services

Our ‘omics services include the use of custom synthesized DNA, RNA, or peptide microarrays based on the µParaflo® on-chip synthesis technology, (massively parallel oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis on a microfluidic chip) which enables the total customization of content on each individual microarray to suit your needs.


There is a growing backlog of sequence data resulting from the large amount of time, computing power, and expertise required to complete the data processing. At LC Sciences, we have rapid, standardized workflows in place for filtering, normalizing, alignment and statistical analysis of these large, often complex data sets.