VariantPro™ Targeted Sequencing Technology

LC Sciences offers a customized solution to high-throughput genome wide variant analysis. The VariantPro™ system is comprised of three distinct innovations, all developed by scientists right here at LC Sciences: Relay-PCR™, Omega Primers™ and OligoMix®.


Relay-PCR™ is a new, simple, and robust method of multiplexing PCR. A single PCR run accomplishes two functionally separate reaction phases without any primer removal step, resulting in a significantly simplified, one step workflow. A single pair of common primers and a mixture of multiple pairs of specific primers are added to a genomic DNA sample in a single tube. Both a selection phase, where the genomic targets of interest are captured, and a library amplification phase, will occur during this single PCR reaction.

Omega Primers™

An Omega Primer™ may exist in various forms, but all are composed of three functional segments. This segmented design provides several desirable features and/or properties in various applications.

Generally, the 5p arm acts as the anchor to bind the primer to a DNA template. The 3p arm checks sequence specificity before polymerase extension is initiated. The loop provides a separation between the two arms, and may serve additional purposes. Omega Primers™ are well suited for multiplex PCR applications where the flexibility to design highly multiplexed primers to target many regions may be limited due to PCR thermodynamics.


Taking advantage of VariantPro™’s high multiplexing capability, custom designed targeted sequencing projects may require very large numbers of custom oligo primers, up to tens of thousands. OligoMix® is an established, proven method of massive parallel oligo synthesis that quickly and cost effectively provides the required oligos. Thousands of custom oligo sequences are synthesized at once on a microchip and then cleaved, releasing them into solution in a single microtube ready for use. OligoMix® has been demonstrated as an effective method of oligo synthesis for several targeted sequencing methods including: Molecular Inversion Probes, Selective Genomic Circularization, Oligo-Selective Sequencing and VariantPro™ targeted sequencing.

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