Technical Bulletin

LC Sciences provides the following information to facilitate the international shipment of total RNA samples. We serve many customers overseas and shipping into the United States has not been a problem.

  1. Make sure you have completed a Sample Submission Form.  Email the form to us beforehand  AND include a copy in the box with your total RNA sample.
  2. Label the sample tube(s) clearly as labeled on the Sample Submission Form.
  3. Prepare the total RNA sample for shipping:


Option 1 – Use a commercially available RNA stabilizing product and ship at room temperature.

    1. RNAstable® (Biomatrica) Please follow manufacture’s protocol to prepare RNA for shipping.
    2. GenTegra®-RNA – Please follow manufacture’s protocol to prepare RNA for shipping.


Option 2 – Use EtOH/NaOAc and ship on ice.

    1. To avoid sample contamination during preparation, clean the surface of all tubes, tips, other tools in contact used for sample preparation with RNase-eliminating treatment (such as Ambion’s RNaseZap);
    2. Important – Use screwcap tubes, not flip top.  Flip top tubes with ethanol will pop open in flight.  Tighten screwcaps firmly when finished.
    3. Use nuclease-free water for buffer preparation and reconstitution of the sample.
    4. Suspend the total RNA sample in a regular precipitation solution.
    5. The final volume should be 100-400µl.
    6. Add 1/10th volume of 3M NaOAc, pH 5.2.
    7. Add 3 volumes of 100% ethanol.
    8. Add 2µl of Glycogen (co-precipitant)

Ex – Starting volume= 50µl
Add 5µl of 3M NaOAc
Add 150µl of ethanol.
Add 2µl of Glycogen (5µg/µl)
Final volume = 207µl

    1. Mix well by vortexing.
    2. DO NOT pellet the RNA out of solution.
    3. If the sample will be stored prior to shipment, store the mixture at -80°C.
    4. Pack the sample in a thermo-stable shipping box.  A box with a wall thickness of at least 1.5 inches is recommended.
    5. Use a MIX of dry ice and regular freezer ice blocks.  This will keep the temperature low for the longest time.  Make sure the box cover is tight when packaging and tape it.
  1. Prepare the Shipment
    1. Use express services (fastest delivery offered), such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS.
    2. Your international carrier will require you to complete a commercial invoice to be included with the shipment.
    3. The commercial invoice should describe the contents as “non-hazardous, non-contagious research sample”.
    4. Also state that the “contents are non-restricted under IATA DG regulations”.  Declare the value of the goods to be $1.  (See Example Commercial Invoice)
    5. Outside the shipping box should be labeled with “temperature sensitive, keep refrigerated”

Download Shipping Labels

Download Example Commercial Invoice

  1.  Ship to the following Address:

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