Technical Bulletin

DNA Extraction

  • You can use any one of the commercially available column based DNA extraction kits that are specifically developed for total DNA extraction, from vendors such as Norgen Biotek, Qiagen or Thermo.
  • These vendors make specific kits for different types of samples (i.e. tissue vs bio-fluid vs environmental sample etc.) B sure to use the kit designed specifically for your sample type.
  • If you have multiple samples to be compared in your experiment, make sure to use only one type of extraction kit for all the samples of your project (unless required due to different sample types).

Quantitation of DNA Sample

  • We recommend to quantify the amount of DNA using a fluorometric-based method such as Qubit.
  • Alternatively, you can use a UV spectrophotometer such as Nanodrop.

Sample Amount Required

  • The amount of gDNA required for library preparation depends on the profiling service requested. Please see our list DNA Sequencing services for specific sample requirements. If possible, we ask that you try to send more than these.
  • DNA should be shipped in distilled water or elution buffer (from extraction kit) at a maximum volume of 100µl.
  • Concentration is not critical but if possible, try to ship at a concentration of at least 5ng/µl.  Maximum volume should be 100µl.


  • Please transfer your sample to a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube for shipment (0.5 ml or smaller PCR tubes can crack when frozen).
  • Tubes should be clearly labeled and wrapped tightly with Parafilm to prevent leakage during shipment.
  • International Orders – for those customers shipping samples oversees, please download a copy of our International Shipping Instructions.
  • Ship by on ice by express carrier to:

Attn: Sample Receiving
LC Sciences, LLC
2575 West Bellfort Street
Suite 270
Houston, TX 77054

International Shipping Instructions - DNA Samples