• We want to make it easy to send us your sample.
  • Click here to request a kit and we’ll send you a shipping kit that includes everything you need to send your sample(s) to LC Sciences. You’ll just need to add your sample(s) and some dry ice to the shipping box.
  • There is no cost for us to send you the shipping kit. The cost for shipping the sample to us will be billed to our account and we’ll add it to your order invoice.
  • This service is currently available for US shipping only.  International Customers – please download a copy of our International Shipping Instructions.


  • Please complete a Sample Submission Form prior to sending your sample to us.
  • If you require data analysis, please complete a Data Analysis Request Form.
  • Email the forms to us at: orders@lcsciences.com. (Note – Please send the form in original Excel format.  Do not email us a PDF of the form.)
  • A copy of the sample submission form must also be included in the package along with your sample.

  • Transfer your sample to a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube for shipment (0.5 ml or smaller PCR tubes can crack when frozen). Be sure the tube labels match those listed on your sample submission form.
  • Seal the tubes closed with Parafilm, please don’t use tape (it will crack when frozen).
  • We recommend to place the eppendorf tube/s into a 50mL vial (this will prevent the eppendorf tube/s from being crushed by dry-ice or ice packs during the shipping process).
  • Pack the sample with dry ice in a thermal insulated shipping box.
  • Place a hard-copy of your sample submission form into the box. (Note – please place the form in a separate waterproof bag from your samples.)
  • Ship the package by overnight carrier for delivery the next day.
  • Please note that LC Sciences is not open on the weekends.  We highly recommend shipping at the beginning of the week (Monday – Wednesday).  If you ship your samples on Thursday and the carrier cannot make the delivery on time (Friday),  the samples will sit over the week-end and there is increased risk of degradation.
  • Watch the video

Attn: Sample Receiving
LC Sciences
2575 West Bellfort St., Suite 270
Houston, TX 77054