LC Sciences provides a fast single-cell RNA sequencing solution – from your pre-made sequencing library through data analysis.

Single-cell RNA-Seq can be used to examine the expression of individual cells and provides a higher resolution of cellular differences as compared to traditional RNA-Seq. Single-cell RNA-Seq enables us to understand the function of an individual cell in the context of its microenvironment.

  1. The latest in next-gen sequencing technology
  2. Fast turnaround times
  3. Full bioinformatics analysis
  4. Expert technical support to assist with data interpretation

Single cell RNA Sequencing

Rapid Acceptance

Single-cell analysis has become one of the most interesting topics in contemporary biology and a rapidly growing field within the life sciences.

Cell Heterogeneity

Single-cell analysis has become an established method to reveal cell heterogeneity and subpopulation expression and for rare cell characterization.

True Expression

Understanding biological systems at a single cell resolution may reveal novel insights which remain masked by the conventional bulk RNA-based techniques.

Novel Cell Types

Single-cell transcriptome sequencing holds the potential to identify novel cell types and characterize the cellular composition of any organ or tissue in health and disease.

  1. Demultiplexing of raw base calls
  2. Performing alignment, filtering, barcode counting, and UMI counting
  3. Generating gene-barcode matrices and determining clusters
  4. Biostatistical analysis – expression analysis, multi-parameter data analysis, length distribution, transcript copy number comparisons, etc
  5. Aggregating outputs from multiple runs and normalizing runs to the same sequencing depth (if applicable)

Sample Data

Single cell RNA Sequencing


Any Illumina compatible library, Ex: 10X Chromium or BD Rhapsody

Sequencing Depth

100k reads per cell (may vary based on cell type and number of cells captured

High Data Quality

Data quality is measured by the percentage of bases with a sequencing quality score above Q30.

These comprehensive services are designed to be one-stop and produce the results needed to quickly advance your biological and biomedical research. For all types of RNA sequencing, our “Total RNA to Data” services include: sample prep/QC, library preparation, RNA sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and high-level customer support.

LC Sciences has been providing RNA discovery, profiling and related bioinformatics services since 2005 and our experts have examined thousands of varied RNA datasets, giving us unique insight into RNA research. We don’t merely deliver data; we will handle all the advanced bioinformatics analysis and help you find answers to the questions you’re asking.