Available Services:

  • Total RNA Extraction Service
  • Total RNA Extraction (including small RNA) Service

Note – Please specify if the samples will be subjected to downstream small RNA analysis so we can be sure to proceed with proper extraction protocols.

We can accept these biological source materials:

  • Cell pellets
  • Tissue Samples
  • Blood

Note – All biological materials must be non-infectious and pathogen free.

RNA Extraction Services include:

Confirmation of RNA sample concentration on a NanoDrop spectrophotometer and RNA quality on an Agilent BioAnalyzer.

Recommended Collection Procedures:

To obtain high quality of RNA, we recommend that cell or tissue samples should be immediately frozen upon collection and properly shipped to LC Sciences.

For blood samples:See the application note for recommended blood collection procedures.

  1. Use PAXgene™ blood collection tubes. (Qiagen/BD#762165)
  2. Collect multiple tubes from each donor and make note of the order of collection.
  3. Keep the samples cold (2-8oC )and limit the time to analysis. (up to 5 days)
  4. Send us at least two tubes from each donor. (Do not send the first tube collected from a donor)
  5. (see the application note for blood sample collection)

Recommended Shipping Procedures:

  1. Please transfer your sample to a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube for shipment (0.5 ml or smaller PCR tubes can crack when frozen).  Be sure the tube labels match those listed on your sample submission form.
  2. If you want to seal the tubes or hold them in a rack, please don’t use tape (it will crack when frozen), use parafilm.
  3. Pack the sample with dry ice in a thermal insulated shipping box.
  4. Ship the package by overnight carrier for delivery the next day.
  5. Note – Do not ship samples on Friday as they will sit over the week-end and deteriorate.  Wait until the following Monday and ship for Tuesday delivery.

Mail the package to:
Attn: Sample Receiving
LC Sciences
2575 West Bellfort St., Suite 270
Houston, TX 77054

Note – We can only accept cell, tissue, or blood samples shipped from within the United States.

After RNA extraction is completed, samples can be: sent immediately for downstream analysis by microarray, sequencing, or qRT-PCR, frozen at -70°C and stored for later analysis, or packaged with a data sheet and shipped back to the customer.

Contact us for RNA extraction services pricing.