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Next-Gen DNA Sequencer

Seq-Array offers a customized solution to high-throughput genome-wide microRNA discovery and profiling, especially in species with limited or no microRNA sequence information available. This unique combination of the latest deep sequencing technology, advanced bioinformatics, and our innovative µParaflo® custom microarray platform leverages all these technologies to form a comprehensive service package tailored to your specific research needs.

Deep sequencing yields results that broadly cover genome-wide miRNAs from samples of various temporal and special origins without the need for any prior sequence knowledge. However, due to the relatively high cost and low throughput nature of sample handling, the systematic follow through of the sequencing discoveries for validation and/or profiling in a reproducible manner could take a long time and be expensive by repetitive sequencing.

Microarrays are effective tools to capture the comprehensive sequencing information and to systematically profile and compare the gene expression based on the sequencing findings rapidly, reproducibly, and cost effectively. LC Sciences is a leader in miRNA microarray profiling offering flexible services and delivering high quality results based on our innovative µParaflo® custom microarray platform. We have developed complementary bioinformatics tools necessary for extracting miRNA and miRNAome information from large sequencing data sets and for designing custom arrays.

LC Sciences is now the first provider to offer the Seq-Array™ method to take full advantage of the new deep sequencing capabilities and the proven genomics tool – microarray to advance miRNA research to the next level of depth and understanding which was not possible before with either of the technologies alone.

  1. Seq-Array is a combination of technologies that maximizes the effectiveness of each while overcoming the limitations of the other.
  2. Seq-Array provides an efficient pathway from initial broad miRNA search to focused biological insights including: revealing regulatory target genes, defining gene expression pathways, and discovering biomarkers.
  3. Seq-Array is particularly suited for focused studies consisting of large sample numbers. Following the exploratory sequencing, which defines the comprehensive set of sequences, microarray probe sequences are designed and efficient profiling on custom arrays is performed.
  4. Seq-Array is also useful for discovery (Seq) and validation (Array) of biomarkers of clinical significance.