1. A high performance microfluidic custom microarray platform.
  2. 100% miRBase Version 22 Content
  3. Complete Content Flexibility (All Species)
  4. Optimized RNA Hybridization Probes
  5. Experienced Service Provider (Since 2005) Handling Various Research and Clinical Sample Types – (Including FFPE, Urine and Blood/Plasma Samples)
  6. Cost Effective 1-Stop Solution

microRNA Microarray

Comprehensive Service Available
Microarray Platform µParaflo®Microfluidic Biochip Technology
Starting Sample Material Total RNA, miRNA, Blood,Cell Pellet, Tissue, FFPE
Sample Requirement 1 µg Total RNA (Inquire about lower amounts)
Probe Content miRBase 22 (March 2018)
Species Covered All species for which data exists
(miRBase, etc.)
Probes Tm Equalized
Add Custom Sequences
Detection Limit < 10 attomole
Dynamic Range >3.5 logs
Full Data Analysis Included
Data Delivery Time 2 Weeks
Number of Customer Publications to Date >1000

At LC Sciences, we offer a genome-wide microRNA expression profiling service utilizing a microarray detection system that was developed specifically for microRNA detection.  Send us your total RNA sample and we’ll perform all the necessary functions from sample QC through data analysis.  We can perform microarray analysis on a single sample to create a simple expression profile or we can hybridize two samples to the same microarray for “dual sample” analysis.  This is very useful whenever comparison of two samples is needed such as wildtype vs. mutant or samples treated in two different ways.

Our “Total RNA to Data” comprehensive service includes: Sample QC, Sample Preparation and Labeling, microRNA Detection (hybridization to a µParaflo® microfluidics chip), Array Scan and Data Extraction, and Full Data Analysis.

In about 2-3 weeks you will receive: original and processed scan images, array layout and a list of sequences,  raw and processed data, a list of differentially expressed transcripts (dual sample arrays only), and a summary of the results.

Sample Data

March , 2018 – The miRBase sequence database was just updated to version 22. Release 22 of the database contains 38,589 entries representing hairpin precursor miRNAs, expressing 48,885 mature miRNA products, in 271 species. As compared to miRBase version 21 (2014) a total of 10,031 new hairpin sequences and 13,149 novel mature products have been added.

  • This probe content is immediately available on all of our standard or custom microRNA microarrays.
  • Flexible content means LC Sciences always delivers the most comprehensive profile of microRNA expression in your sample.
  • Read more about this update.

Available Arrays


  1. Microfluidics Microarray Platform

    The µParaflo® technology integrates high throughput parallel synthesis, microfluidics, and digital photolithography to create custom arrays of DNA, RNA, or peptides.  Our advanced microarray platform delivers more reliable results than are possible with traditional spotted arrays.

  2. Optimized RNA Hybridization Probes

    LC Sciences’ Optimized RNA Hybridization Probes are designed with normalized Tms to ensure uniform hybridization affinity to their microRNA targets under high stringency hybridization conditions enhancing both the sensitivity and specificity of the probes.

  3. The Most Current Content

    LC Sciences offers the only microRNA microarray currently available with version 22 probe content.  Not 90% or 95% coverage, but 100% of experimentally verified microRNA sequences are represented on all of our arrays.

  4. Complete Content Flexibility

    All of LC Sciences’ microarrays are made to order and synthesized to each customer’s particular specifications.  Validate predictions, add custom controls, or create totally custom tiling arrays for discovery of novel small-RNAs.  The choice is up to you!

  5. No Limitation on Use of Data

    Unlike with proprietary probe content, we hold no claims on your data.  You have full access and control over the results generated from your experiments.

  6. The Standard for Array Data Quality

    The µParaflo® technology enables on-chip synthesis ensuring high probe quality and tight process control.  The data obtained by these microarrays is highly reliable and reproducible as validated by qPCR and Northern Blot.

  7. In Depth Data Analysis

    LC Sciences’ in-depth data analysis includes all t-Tests, ANOVA and heat maps to get you the information you need. Complex multi-array experiments are no problem for our experienced technical team.  We can easily compare samples from different chips or even new experimental data to data from previous experiments.

  8. The Most Customer Publications

    LC Sciences’ customers have published over 1000 papers to date; have confirmed that  microRNAs play an important role in a wide array of biological functions.