Comprehensive Service Available
Microarray Platform Affymetrix – Genechip® Technology
Starting Sample Material Total RNA, mRNA, Blood,
Cell Pellet, Tissue, FFPE
Sample QC Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer RNA LabChip
Nanodrop ND-1000
Low input total RNA protocol available
Species Covered All Species for which Affy
Arrays Exist
Inquire about custom arrays
Advanced Data Analysis Included
Data Delivery Time 2-3 weeks

Advanced Data Analysis Deliverables:

We use such Affymetrix software systems as MicroArray Suite, MicroDB and Data Mining Tool to provide the data analysis service.

  • Raw chip image in jpg format
  • Raw array data including original .DAT,.EXP and .CEL files
  • Analysis results for each array in Excel format including the Signal, Detection and Detection p-value information of all sample genes
  • QC report for each array that and general information about hybridization of all sample arrays
  • Computation of a global normalized expression metric using Robust Multiarray Average (RMA) of the hybridization intensity data from all chips in the experimental set
  • Differential gene expression analysis of all samples (Note – number of analyses performed can be no more than the number of chips in service)
  • Report in Excel including information on change p-value, increase or decrease
  • Scatter plot of different samples which directly reflects the general difference and distribution of signal strength of all samples.
  • Additional clustering analysis, heat maps, and GO enrichment as requested