LC Sciences provides a fast, one-stop Gene Expression Profiling solution – from your sample through data analysis.

Gene expression Microarray is used to reveal the differentially expressed genes and unfold functions and pathways in biological samples under different developmental stages or specific conditions. It is widely used in many scientific fields, such as physiological regulation, biomarkers, disease mechanisms and drug screening.

  1. The reliable SurePrint microarray technology
  2. Experienced staff to assist you with experimental design
  3. Fast turnaround times
  4. Full bioinformatics analysis
  5. Expert technical support to assist with data interpretation

Species Version Format Biological Features
Human V3 8 x 60K 26,083 Entrez Genes (unique), 30,606 lncRNAs (unique)
Mouse V2 8 x 60K 27,122 Entrez Genes (unique), 4,578 lncRNAs (unique)
Rat V2 8 x 60K 30,584 Entrez Gene (unique)

Probe Specificity & Sensitivity

The probes are tested and optimized by experimental verification procedures, fully guarantee the high specificity and sensitivity.

Highly Consistency Results

This array has very high detection repeatability and overall excellent performance. The accuracy and consistency of the results are fully guaranteed.

The Most Comprehensive Content

Design is based on well-known databases such as RefSeq, Goldenpath, Ensembl and Unigene.

Large Body of Published Data

With over 30,000 completed array projects and large quantities of articles published on array results across different species.

  1. Data normalization
  2. Statistics of mRNA expression
  3. Differentially expressed mRNAs
  4. GO and KEGG annotation and enrichment analysis

Sample Data