LC Sciences provides a fast, one-stop circRNA sequencing solution – from your sample through data analysis.

circRNAs are a novel class of abundant, stable and ubiquitous RNAs. circRNAs are distinguished from mRNAs in that they lack poly (A) tails and 5ʹ caps, and are resistant to exonuclease treatment. circRNAs can serve as miRNA or RNA-binding protein ‘sponges’, sequestering miRNAs and preventing their interactions with target mRNAs, as a result, controlling transcriptional events.

  1. The latest in next-gen sequencing technology
  2. Experienced staff to assist you with experimental design
  3. Fast turnaround times
  4. Full bioinformatics analysis
  5. Expert technical support to assist with data interpretation

Library Preparation

Next-Gen Sequencing

Advanced Data Analysis

Any Species

Profile circRNA in any species – there is no need for probes based on prior sequence or secondary structure information.


Profiling is transcriptome-wide – investigate all circRNAs, known and unknown, in your sample.

Digital Results

Achieve digital, quantitative transcript expression analysis – Accurate expression levels over 5 orders of magnitude.

Novel Transcripts

Detect novel and rare transcripts and transcript variants, such as single nucleotide mutations (SNP)

  1. Complete mRNA analysis – see Poly(A) RNA-seq
  2. Complete lncRNA analysis – see lncRNA-seq
  3. circRNA profiling – QC, mapping statistics, etc
  4. Localization of circRNAs on genome
  5. Statistics of different circRNA types
  6. Differential expression of circRNAs
  7. Interaction with  miRNA and functional analysis of circRNAs

Sample Data

Sample Requirements

Total RNA amount ≥ 2 μg
260/280 >1.8, 260/230 >1.0
RIN value ≥ 7.0


Ribosomal RNA Removal
250~300 bp Insert cDNA Library

Sequencing Depth

150 bp Paired End
>80 Million Reads

High Data Quality

Data quality is measured by the percentage of bases with a sequencing quality score above Q30.

These comprehensive services are designed to be one-stop and produce the results needed to quickly advance your biological and biomedical research. For all types of RNA sequencing, our “Total RNA to Data” services include: sample prep/QC, library preparation, RNA sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and high-level customer support.

LC Sciences has been providing RNA discovery, profiling and related bioinformatics services since 2005 and our experts have examined thousands of varied RNA datasets, giving us unique insight into RNA research. We don’t merely deliver data; we will handle all the advanced bioinformatics analysis and help you find answers to the questions you’re asking.