• A predesigned microarray containing the top 30 known cancer antigens built on a µParaflo® microfluidics peptide chip.
  • Our standard content Cancer Antigen – peptide microarray includes a comprehensive list of NCI priority-ranked cancer vaccine target antigens based on predefined and preweighted objective criteria1.
  • Complete list of standard content

  • A custom microarray containing peptide sequences determined by the customer built on a µParaflo® microfluidics peptide chip. We can synthesize a completely custom microarray designed specifically for your experiment.
  • Basic array design is 4K customer defined sequences.  Inquire about additional sequence density arrays.
  • Basic peptide length is 8 residues. (Additional length is possible.)
  • You can use available web tools to assist with your design. (See Example)
  • Or contact us for assistance with design of your Antibody Specificity Profiling – Peptide Microarray.
  1. Cheever MA et al. (2009) The prioritization of cancer antigens: a national cancer institute pilot project for the acceleration of translational research. Clin Cancer Res 15(17), 5323-37. [article]