Epitope Mapping Service

The Epitope Mapping Service is using our custom synthesized addressable peptide microarray (PepArray™) – a product developed in response to the need for flexible peptide microarray applications.

LC Sciences now offers a comprehensive epitope mapping service for high throughput, high-resolution identification of epitopes and other protein-protein interactions.

Through the use of overlapping peptides as epitopes on a custom synthesized addressable peptide microarray (PepArray™), we can systematically screen thousands of sequences in a single experiment.  A proprietary microarray platform and advanced microfluidic technologies ensure quantitative measurements of binding events.

This combination of high-throughput capacity with quantitative measurement enables us to quickly and efficiently identify high affinity and high specificity target binding compounds.


Epitope mapping assays are applicable for immunological studies, vaccine development, and biosensor development.

  • Identifying specific substrate for a known antibody
  • Identifying immunodominant regions in antigens
  • Quantitative measurement of binding curves
  • Developing specific antibodies by pre-screening cross-reactivity
  • Mapping antibody cross-reactivity
  • Developing specific antibodies by pre-screening cross-reactivity
  • Mapping antibody cross-reactivity

Quantitative Results

Microfluidic epitope mapping – peptide microarrays using our PepArray™ technology produce more uniform spots and enhanced binding kinetics to deliver a more reliable reading of the assay signals. Well designed positive and negative controls as well as multiple replicates of each peptide sequence contribute to data confidence.

Application Example – Quantitative Measurement of Anti HA Epitope Peptide Binding

Next-Gen DNA Sequencer

High Throughput Microarray Format

Epitope mapping on a peptide microarray offers the opportunity to study thousands (up to tens of thousands of peptides/chip) of specific binding sequences in a single experiment. One experiment using our 4K epitope mapping – peptide microarray is equivalent to 41 experiments using a 96-well plate.  A 30K microarray format is also available.

Custom Microarray Content

Peptides are synthesized on-chip, not pre-synthesized and spotted.  There is no up-front cost to pre-synthesize a peptide library.  We can synthesize a completely custom one-of-a-kind peptide microarray specifically for your experiment delivering results that cannot be achieved with an off-the-shelf assay.  With the ability to program new sequence designs on the fly, you can quickly revise microarray design and content to keep experiments moving forward based on previous results.

Comprehensive Service

This is a comprehensive epitope mapping service.  Just send us your protein/antibody sample and we’ll perform all the necessary functions from sample assay to data analysis. Our Epitope Mapping comprehensive service includes:

  • Assistance with sequence designs
  • Synthesis of a custom designed epitope mapping – peptide microarray on a PepArray™ microfluidics chip
  • Pre-staining the chip to assess synthesis quality and obtain baseline signal before the sample is applied
  • All on-chip binding reactions
  • Detection of the bound sample using standard immunological detection techniques
  • Array image scan and data extraction
  • Data analysis – Basic data analysis (background subtraction, control and reference signal guided data processing, list of detected signals, data averaging, results summarized in a report) is included with our array service.
  • Optional in-depth analysis based on your specific application is available.