Ordering Instructions

Please follow the three steps outlined below to place your order for a Protein – Aptamer Binding Microarray Service.

  1. Define the details of your experiments.

    • You can complete our short online quote request form to request a quote for your project.
    • This form must be completed entirely in order to send you an accurate quotation.
    • Customer service will contact you with a quote, and may request additional information in order to finalize the details of your projecComplete a sample submission form.
  2. Complete a sample submission form

    • Complete a sample submission form prior to sending your sample to us.
    • In order to ensure a successful experiment, we need to know as much about your sample as you can tell us.
    • The form can be emailed to us at: orders@lcsciences.com beforehand or sent in the package along with your sample. Note – If you send the form in the package with samples please place it in a separate waterproof bag.
    • Include an Excel file with your sequences.
  3. Send us your sample