Description The assay kit contains all the reagents required for capture of your custom targets and library preparation for next-gen sequencing
Capture Method The VariantPro system incorporates novel Relay-PCR and Omega Primer technologies to form a one-step multiplex PCR based workflow.
Number of Targets Up to 20,000
Amplicon Length Depends on sequencing platform
DNA Sample Source Frozen tissue, whole blood
Input DNA Required 10 ng per tube for human genomic DNA
Number of Tubes 1-2
Assay Time 4-6 hours
Hands-on Steps 1
Hands-on Time 5 minutes
Sequencing Platform Illumina
Multiplexing Capability Up to 3024 samples in one lane
Coverage Uniformity > 99% at 0.2 x mean
Dropout Rate 0

VariantPro targeted sequencing system is based on a novel multiplex PCR technology that combines major innovations to facilitate simple operation and high performance in the preparation of targeted sequencing libraries.

  1. OmegaPrimer – a novel primer design that fundamentally improves primer specificity.
  2. Relay-PCR – an elegant PCR method that combines multiple target capture and monoplex PCR amplification into a single reaction.
  3. Molecular Tags – used to identify individual PCR template molecules.