VariantPro Targeted Sequencing

LC Sciences offers a customized solution to high-throughput genome wide variant analysis. The VariantPro™ system is an innovative multiplex PCR based targeted sequencing method that accomplishes target selection, library preparation and molecular tagging in a simple one-step workflow.

  • Single tube, one step workflow
  • Only 5 minutes of hands-on time required
  • Compatible with both Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing technologies
  • Sample types – genomic DNA, fresh frozen tissue, FFPE
  • Inputs as low as 10 ng

  • > 20,000 targets in a single experiment
  • > 3,000 error correcting barcodes available
  • On-target specificity > 97%
  • Coverage uniformity > 97%
  • Molecular tagging – PCR and sequencing induced biases and errors are detected and then removed

The VariantPro targeted sequencing system offers cost-effective, minimal hands-on, ultra-high resolution sequence analysis, that enables accurate detection of rare variants. It utilizes novel and patent pending Relay-PCR and Omega-Primer technologies.

VariantPro Custom Amplicon Panels
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VariantPro Standard Content Panels
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VariantPro  Sequencing Services
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