VariantBaits Tumor 600 Gene Capture Kit is powered by more than 111,236 oligos synthesized on LC Sciences patented μParaflo® microfluidic arrays.

The synthesized RNA probe consisted of a total capture target area of 2.20 Mb. The kit detects a total of 611 tumor-related gene exons, covering

All TMB-related genes in MSK products, including MSI sites, targeted drug genes, chemotherapy genes, amplified genes, diagnostic bases

Cause, prognosis gene, genetic gene, driving gene, etc. Fusion detection contains a common fusion type of 34 genes.


Panel No. of Samples Catalog No.
VariantBaits™ Oncology 600 Kit 24 VBK1903-24
VariantBaits™ Oncology 600 Kit 96  VBK1903-96
VariantBaits™ Oncology 600 Kit 384  VBK1903-384