The VariantBaits Human Exon Capture Kit is synthesized from 795,793 LC Sciences patented μParaflo® microfluidic chips.

The composition of the RNA probe has a total capture target area of ​​60.66 Mb and a probe design area of ​​62.09 Mb, which effectively covers the genetic disease related position in the mainstream phenotype databases such as ClinVar, DisGeNET, PheGenI, etc. ClinVar and DisGeNET database coverage.

Do not reach 96% and 83%, much higher than similar products, applied to genetic disease related research

  1. μParaflo® microfluidic chip platform for the synthesis of high quality hybrid probes
  2. 795,793 RNA probes with high density coverage for excellent capture performance
  3. Comprehensive detection of 20,000+ full exon regions
  4. 400+ annotation information to meet the needs of genetic disease research

LC Sciences

Panel No. of Samples Catalog No.
VariantBaits™ Human All Exon Kit 24 VBK1901-24
VariantBaits™ Human All Exon Kit 96  VBK1901-96
VariantBaits™ Human All Exon Kit 384  VBK1901-384