The VariantBaits HPV Capture Kit is based on the PaVE genome database for probe design and synthesized on LC Sciences patented μParaflo® microfluidic arrays.

The high-quality RNA probe synthesized by the microfluidic chip covers the full length of the HPV (human papillomavirus) genome (~7.9 Kb). This kit is for 183

Targeted HPV virus genome-wide directed capture and sequencing analysis, can be used to analyze HPV virus subtypes, mutations and integration sites, auxiliary palace

Risk stratification management of high-risk populations of cervical cancer breaks through the limitations of traditional HPV detection techniques at the viral genome level.

Panel No. of Samples Catalog No.
VariantBaits™ HPV Kit 24 VBK1907-24
VariantBaits™ HPV Kit 96  VBK1907-96
VariantBaits™ HPV Kit 384  VBK1907-384