The VariantBaits HBV Capture Kit is based on the HBVdb genomic database for probe design and synthesized on LC Sciences patented μParaflo® microfluidic arrays.

The high-quality RNA probe synthesized by the microfluidic chip covers the full length of the HBV (hepatitis B virus) genome (~3.2Kb). HBV has eight gene subtypes

Type (A-H), the most common HBV gene subtype in Asia is type B and type C. This kit can detect 4162 HBV gene subtypes, including 1448 B types.

There are 1833 types of C type and 880 types of type D.

Panel No. of Samples Catalog No.
VariantBaits™ HBV Kit 24 VBK1908-24
VariantBaits™ HBV Kit 96  VBK1908-96
VariantBaits™ HBV Kit 384  VBK1908-384