VariantBaits Targeted Sequencing

LC Sciences offers a customized solution to high-throughput genome wide variant analysis. The VariantBaits™ system is a target enrichment strategy based on liquid phase hybridization, using biotin-labeled probe baits.

The VariantBaits targeted sequencing system was developed to meet the needs of researchers for larger-scale targeted gene screening.

The VariantBaits solution-phase hybridization capture system enriches the genomic target regions of interest to customers and performs high-throughput sequencing on next-generation sequencing platforms such as Illumina, Ion Torrent and BGI. Large-scale synthesis of high-quality oligonucleotides by LC Sciences’ proprietary μParaflo® microfluidic chip to prepare ultra-long RNA probes, liquid-hybridization of genomic libraries with sequencing adapters, and complementary pairing with target region sequences. The probe specifically binds to the DNA of the target fragment upon hybridization, and binds to the biotin label on the probe through the streptavidin magnetic beads, thereby capturing and enriching the DNA of the target fragment. Can be used for small to large-scale gene capture, tolerating the variation of certain partial templates.

  1. Based on biotin-labeled RNA probe in-solution hybridization selection
  2. Simple and flexible custom probe design solution
  3. High quality oligos synthesized by LC Sciences patented μParaflo® microfluidics chip
  4. Easy library prep and fast data analysis
  5. Specific, sensitive large gene region capturing
  6. High density probe coverage to generate excellent capture results
  7. Less sequence data, higher target coverage

VariantBaits Workflow

Based on this highly efficient targeted capture system, users can achieve satisfactory sequencing coverage with a low sequencing depth. At a sequencing depth of 100x (PE150), >96% of the targeting sequences have a coverage of more than 20x, and >92% of the targeting sequences have a coverage of more than 30x.

VariantBaits Custom Panels
We can design and manufacture a custom panel enabling you to target any genomic region of your interest. High quality oligo baits are synthesized on LC Sciences patented μParaflo® microfluidics chip.

VariantBaits Standard Content Panels
Designed for coverage of known coding regions, the VariantBaits Standard Panels offer cost-effective, ultra-high resolution sequence analysis for revealing clinically relevant mutations.

VariantBaits Comprehensive Sequencing Services
Our “Sample to Data” comprehensive service includes: baits designs, sample QC, solution capture, sequencing and data analysis.