Our comprehensive service includes assistance with sequence design, synthesis of standard or custom DNA/RNA (2’-OMe) aptamer microarrays, binding assays using binding molecules provided by you, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, or other kinds of small molecules.  Our aptamer binding assays use single or dual color detection as well as quantitative measurements of the binding using a suitable method, image data processing, and signal data processing. Two-four weeks after receiving your sample(s), we send you the data result, representative and original images of the array, and raw data. We offer additional services for in-depth binding data analysis and curve analysis of quantitative measurements.

  • A comprehensive service for aptamer screening and binding optimization.
  • Just send us your sample – we’ll screen or optimize its binding to aptamer sequences and send you the data in 2-4 weeks.

Our standard aptamer microarray contains greater than 1000 sequences.  A small number of customer specified sequences can be added at no extra cost. Or choose a completely custom microarray.  Thousands of customer specified aptamer sequences can be in situ synthesized on addressable high density microchip.

LC Sciences can also provide assistance with custom aptamer sequence design. The protein assay is performed on a µParaflo® biochip and takes advantage of powerful microfluidic µParaflo® technology. The microfluidic circulation allows efficient sample-aptamer contact and uniform binding on all sites.

  1. Protein-Nucleic Acid Binding
  2. Drug Screening
  3. Target Validation
  4. Biosensor Screening
  5. Biomarker Screening
  6. Diagnostic Chip Development
  7. Inhibitor Assays

The quality of the binding assays on the aptamer microarray is guaranteed by:

  • Efficient blocking for minimization of background signal.
  • Uniform binding signal for positive binding sequences.
  • Reproducible binding on redundancy sites.


  • The binding assay is controlled by optimized binding protocols and is performed under temperature controlled conditions.
  • Each aptamer microarray is subjected to rigorous quality control testing.
  • The integrity of the received protein sample is determined via a thorough analysis process. Samples that do not pass QC are flagged and a notification will be sent to the corresponding customer recommending not proceeding with microarray assays.


Other types of Specialty Genomics Microarrays are available for various other applications (contact us).