VariantPro Targeted Sequencing Technology

The VariantPro system is an innovative multiplex PCR based targeted sequencing method that accomplishes target selection, library preparation and molecular tagging in a simple one-step workflow.


One innovation in the VariantPro system is Relay-PCR, in which one pair of common (indexed library) primers and multiple pairs of specific primers are mixed with a genomic DNA sample in a single tube. A single PCR run seamlessly combines two functionally separated reaction phases, namely target replication and library amplification. This results in a significantly simplified work flow.

µParaflo Microarray Technology

Massively parallel oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis on a microchip based on the µParaflo microfluidics technology.


Our scientists and engineers have developed platform technologies that encompass a new class of microfluidic µParaflo reaction devices, an advanced digital light synthesizer apparatus, and picoliter scale biochemical processes.  The functionalized µParaflo chips are particularly suited for applications where small sample consumption, contamination-free, and performance-reproducibility are primary concerns. This technology enables the massively parallel synthesis of high quality DNA and RNA oligonucleotides as well as peptides and peptidomimetics in picoliter-scale reaction chambers.