1. Expression profiling is truly genome-wide – there is no need for probes based on prior sequence information.
  2. Powerful RNA-Seq technology reads every base of every transcript – this is not TAG profiling.
  3. Achieve digital transcript expression analysis – accurate quantitation of expression levels over 5 orders of magnitude of transcript abundance.

LC Sciences provides a a one-stop solution (i.e. from sample to data) gene expression profiling service using the Illumina next-generation sequencing technology which enables comprehensive coverage, highly sensitive and specific profiling of mRNAs in your sample.

This service is comprehensive – from sample to data, providing advanced technology and years of experience in efficient discovery and profiling of RNAs.

Our comprehensive profiling service includes:

  • Sample QC
  • Sample preparation (poly(A) selection, adapter attachment, reverse transcription)
  • Library preparation (single molecule clonal amplification)
  • High-throughput sequencing (RNA-Seq method, Illumina Next-Gen sequencing technology)
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • Customer data report

  • Illumina base-calling and analysis
  • Raw sequencing data – 50bp single-end reads – either FASTA-A or FASTA-Q files with base-calling quality scores
  • LC Sciences quality filtered data reduced to mappable reads, a list of unique sequences and their copy numbers
  • Genomic mapping of quality sequencing reads
  • Test for differential expression at gene level. (biological replicates required – see Technical Note – Biological Replicate Considerations – Differential Expression Analysis)
  • GO and KEGG annotation and enrichment analysis.
  • Customer data report – includes a summary of methods and all statistic analysis

Sample Data