A one-Step workflow makes targeting your genes of interest simple and efficient.

VariantPro Workflow

Genomic DNA Sample



  1. In a single tube, a pair of common primers are added into a mixture of multiple pairs of specific primers and genomic DNA to form a single step, two stage multiplex PCR reaction.
  2. A single PCR run accomplishes two functionally separated reaction phases, namely target replication and library amplification. No primer removal or any other enzymatic steps are required. This results in a significantly simplified work flow.
  3. There is no need for a subsequent library preparation step (or added cost) as the Relay-PCR reaction will yield sequencing ready libraries.
  4. Sample bar-codes, sequencing adapters, and molecular bar-codes are all incorporated during the one-step Relay-PCR reaction.
  5. Only 5 minutes of hands-on time required