OligoMix® is a product developed in response to the need for pooled oligonucleotides used in multiplexing reactions.  This oligonucleotide mixture has a broad array of uses in several genomics applications.

We synthesize thousands of oligonucleotide sequences at once in parallel and then cleave the oligos releasing them into solution in a single microtube. Synthesis occurs via standard DMT chemistry assuring efficient stepwise yield and high quality final product. The product is delivered as a pool in a single microtube – ready to use for your experiment.

Product Description mix of DNA oligonucleotide sequences
Number of Oligos thousands of sequences or more per tube
Oligo Form single stranded, desalted and ready for reactions
Length up to 150mers
5′ or 3′ terminus Modifications phosphate, fluorescent dyes, biotin, linkers, and others (inquire)
Internal Modifications modified DNA or RNA bases
Yield *tens of attomoles per sequence and a total of sub-fmols per OligoMix® tube
Delivery 14 days

*One fmole per sequence is the calculated amount of starting material for oligo synthesis. As with all standard oligonucleotide synthesis, the resulting final material will be of less quantity depending on the sequence length, composition, and other factors.