LC Sciences provides a one-stop solution (i.e. from sample to data) exome sequencing service which combines Agilent’s SureSelect enrichment and HiSeq 2500/4000 platform next-gen sequencing for the identification of coding variants.

This service is comprehensive – from sample to data, providing advanced technology and years of experience in next-gen sequencing applications.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Sample QC
  • Exome capture (SureSelect Human All Exon V6 kit)
  • Library preparation

  • High-throughput sequencing (Illumina next-gen sequencing technology)
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • Customer data report

For each sample analyzed, the customer receives:

  1. Illumina’s base calling and de-multiplexing
  2. Assessment of sequencing and quality filtering of “junk” and low quality reads
  3. Mapping reads to reference sequence database(s)
  4. Performing on-target and coverage statistic analysis
  5. Generating variant report including variant coordinates, base pair changes (small SNPs and InDels), dbSNP and coding region information
  6. SNPs and small InDels annotations
  7. Customer data report – includes a summary of methods and all statistic analysis