Illumina industry leading Next-Gen Sequencing technology

Illumina’s sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology is the most successful and widely adopted next-generation sequencing platform worldwide. TruSeq technology supports massively parallel sequencing using a proprietary reversible terminator-based method that enables detection of single bases as they are incorporated into growing DNA strands.

A fluorescently labeled terminator is imaged as each dNTP is added and then cleaved to allow incorporation of the next base. Since all four reversible terminator-bound dNTPs are present during each sequencing cycle, natural competition minimizes incorporation bias. The end result is true base-by-base sequencing that enables the industry’s most accurate data for a broad range of applications.

RNA-Seq Data Advantages

  • Capture all changes in gene expression levels
  • Experience unbiased, real-time discovery
  • Uncover more data and mechanisms with RNA-Seq
  • Study any species, any transcriptome today—even without prior sequence knowledge

RNA-Seq Workflow Advantages

  • Minimize potential error with an easy RNA-Seq library preparation workflow
  • Enhance performance through multiplexing with integrated indexed adapters
  • Reduce hands on time by eliminating gel purifications and column clean-up
  • Option to automate the RNA-Seq workflow for high-volume scale-up


RNA-Seq Cost

  • Buy what you need—RNA-Seq experiments are scalable for any application or budget
  • Outperform arrays with minimal reads—save money, study more
  • Higher throughput of RNA-Seq leads to faster results at a lower cost per sample
  • Constant sequencer improvements lower the prices/sample

RNA-Seq Software Options

  • Used to develop open-source software
  • Reanalyze data as more information becomes available
  • Provides a digital profile of the entire transcriptome


Source:  Illumina