Total RNA-Seq Sequencing    RSQ-1100p

  • High-throughput sequencing (Illumina sequencing by synthesis technology)
  • Single lane 100 bp paired-end run
  • up to 187.5 x 2 million reads / lane
  • Standard data filtering service (includes read quality analysis) data reduced to mappable reads
  • Customer data report – either FASTA-A or FASTA-Q files – includes raw data, quality filtered data, a list of unique sequences and their copy numbers

Total RNA-Seq Library Preparation    TRS-1002

  • Sample QC
  • Library preparation
  • Single molecule clonal amplification

Optional Advanced Bioinformatics Service    TRS-1007

  • Processed data is reduced to mappable reads
  • De Novo Assembly (if applicable)
  • Alignment of RNA-Seq reads to customer specified reference genome
  • Identification and construction of splice-junctions
  • Report of known transcripts with annotation and abundance
  • Report of novel transcript with abundance
  • Identification of alternate splicing and report of isoform abundance
  • Test for differential expression at gene level and transcript level
  • GO and KEGG annotation and enrichment analysis
  • Non-coding RNA information – map to genome, alignment, limited annotation and expression info
  • Customer data report – includes a summary of methods and all statistical analysis
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