Microarrays designed for genome-wide microRNA expression profiling and built on the flexible and powerful µParaflo® microfluidic on-chip synthesis platform. These microarrays are available as part of our comprehensive microRNA Expression Profiling Service.

The current probe content comes from version 1 of the PMRD sequence database Oct, 2009. Please call if you don’t see your species of interest.

Addition of your custom sequences to any of these standard arrays is available for no charge. (up to 100 custom sequences)

Catalog Number MRA-1038B
Description Plants microRNA Microarray
Microarray Platform µParaflo® Microfluidic Chip
Probe Content
(Plant MicroRNA Database Version)
Number of Unique Mature miRNA sequences 5690
Sequence List MRA-1038B_miRPlants_MPRD091008.xls
Dual Color Capable
Probes Tm Equalized
Add Custom Sequences