LC Sciences offers a fast, one-stop solution to high-throughput SNP genotyping by sequencing (GBS) – from your sample through data analysis.

VariantPro Technology
Discover germline or somatic mutations, rare transcripts and transcript variants, such as single nucleotide mutations (SNP). Detect low frequency alleles…

Genotyping by sequencing (GBS) is a powerful tool which utilizes next-generation sequencing technology to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in genotyping studies. The ultra-throughput sequences generated by GBS have revolutionized the field of agriculture by allowing users to discover and genotype SNPs in crop populations with high levels of genetic diversity. This provides huge advantages when it comes to crop improvement, as users can identify molecular markers to assist with phenotypic selection.

Crop Plants – A genomic DNA sample is isolated from a crop species, the VariantPro technology is applied to capture the target marker regions and the resulting libraries are sequenced on a high-throughput next-gen sequencing platform to generate raw data sequences. Advanced bioinformatics tools are then applied to the raw data sets to identify molecular markers which give rise to a particular phenotype.

Livestock – DNA-based parentage determination accelerates genetic improvement in livestock by increasing pedigree accuracy. We can genotype an animal to determine what SNP markers they have and compare that to potential parents to determine if those markers are consistent.

LC Sciences performs high-throughput quantitative SNP genotyping analysis on your submitted genomic DNA sample(s). We utilize the VariantPro targeted sequencing system, which is based on a novel multiplex PCR technology that combines major innovations to facilitate simple operation and high performance in the preparation of targeted sequencing libraries.

This service is comprehensive – from sample to data, providing access to advanced technology and years of experience.

Our “Sample to Data” comprehensive service includes: primer designs, sample QC, sample preparation (target selection, sample bar-coding, molecular tagging, library amplification), high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and customer data report including:

  • Annotated SNP/indel list for targeted regions (dbsnp, snp type, refseq genes, etc.)
  • SNPs/indels in VCF format
  • Genotyping-ready results delivered using VarSifter


Comprehensive Service Available
Genotyping PlatformVariantPro GBS Technology
Starting Sample MaterialYour genomic DNA sample
Sample RequirementAs low as 10ng
Species CoveredAny species for which reference genome exists
On-target Specificity> 97%
Coverage Uniformity> 97%
Full Data Analysis Included
Data Delivery Time4-6 Weeks