RNA Sequencing

Our comprehensive sequencing services make use of the latest in next-gen sequencing technologies. Illumina's industry-leading RNA sequencing methods enable discovery and profiling of RNAs in any organism without prior genome annotation, and allow for the most accurate detection and quantification of rare RNA sequences and sequence variants in your samples.

  • Advanced RNA-Seq Technology – Enables transcriptome profiling of any species. There is no need for design of probes that must be based on prior sequence or secondary structure information, therefore profiling is truly genome-wide. Achieve “digital” transcript expression analysis over a potentially unlimited dynamic range. Reveal sequence variations in the transcripts due to alternative splicing events and provide allele-specific or isoform-specific gene expression.
  • Turnkey Solution – These comprehensive services are designed to be one-stop and produce the results needed to quickly advance your biological and biomedical research. Our “Total RNA to Data” services include: sample prep/QC, library preparation, RNA sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and high-level customer support.
  • Expert Services – LC Sciences has been providing RNA discovery, profiling and related bioinformatics services since 2005 and our experts have examined thousands of varied RNA datasets, giving us unique insight into RNA research. We don’t merely deliver data; we will handle all the advanced bioinformatics analysis and help you find answers to the questions you’re asking.
  • Next-Gen Microarrays – Our ability to combine custom next-gen microarray profiling with discovery sequencing can leverage both technologies and capture more information from your sequencing datasets.

Compare RNA Sequencing Services

MicroRNA / Small RNA Sequencing Services

Next-gen sequencing is a new method and powerful tool used to identify and quantitatively decode the entire population of small  RNAs in your total RNA sample. LC Sciences provides a…

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Poly(A) RNA-Seq Sequencing Services

RNA-Seq technology is providing fresh biological insight into the transcriptome. At its most powerful, it can be used to determine the structure of genes, their splicing patterns and other post…

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Total RNA-Seq (Whole Transcriptome) Sequencing Services

Total RNA-Seq (Whole Transcriptome) sequencing  captures a broader range of gene expression changes and enables the detection of novel…

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Digital Gene Expression – Sequencing Services

The incredible power of RNA-Seq was initially applied primarily for complex whole transcriptome applications such as discovery of rare genes, splice junctions and gene fusions or for…

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Degradome Sequencing Services

Degradome sequencing (Degradome-Seq), also referred to as parallel analysis of RNA ends (PARE), a modified 5′-rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) with high-throughput…

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Seq-Array Integrated Discovery & Profiling Solution

Get more from your sequencing datasets! Microarrays are proven, effective tools to systematically profile and compare gene expression rapidly, reproducibly, and cost effectively. We…

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Bioinformatics Services

There is a growing backlog of sequence data resulting from the large amount of time, computing power, and expertise required to complete the data processing. At LC Sciences, we have rapid, standardized workflows in place for filtering, normalizing, alignment and statistical analysis of these large, often complex data sets. LC Sciences’ decade of experience in transcriptomics analysis empowers our bioinformatics services capabilities and ensures fast and reliable results.

Not sure which RNA sequencing is right for you?  See a comparison of all of our RNA sequencing services here or contact us for help choosing the approriate service for your needs.