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Visit LC Sciences at AACR 2012

Visit LC Sciences at this year’s meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR – 2012).  We are located in booth #4402.

microRNA had been definitively link to cancer since a trio of papers were published in Nature back in 2005.  Since then there have been thousands of studies (including over 100 published studies by our customers) detailing the role of microRNA in cancer progression, metastasis, chemotherapy resistance, as a tumor-suppressor, a potential drug target or diagnostic biomarker, and more.

LC Sciences provides microRNA discovery sequencing service based on the Illumina Genome Analyzer, the clear front-runner of the latest next-gen sequencing technologies. If you’re working with a poorly characterized species, want to discover previously unknown miRNAs, or are interested in true isoform abundance, then microRNA analysis by sequencing makes sense.

LC Sciences provides a microRNA microarray service is based on our own µParaflo® custom microfluidic microarray platform.  Our arrays always contain 100% of current miRBase content plus your custom sequences, and have set the standard for microarray data quality.  Microarrays have been a robust method for expression profiling for decades and is an economical choice for profiling large numbers of samples from well-characterized speices.

Please stop by booth #4402 and we would be happy to discuss how our microRNA discovery and profiling services can benefit your cancer research.