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Paraflo® Biochip Technology – Microfluidic Synthesis Platform

A platform technology that encompass a new class of microfluidic µParaflo® reaction devices, an advanced digital light synthesizer apparatus, and picoliter scale biochemical processes.  The functionalized µParaflo® chips are particularly suited for applications where small sample consumption, contamination-free, and performance-reproducibility are primary concerns. This technology enables the massively parallel synthesis of high quality DNA and RNA oligonucleotides as well as peptides and peptidomimetics in picoliter-scale reaction chambers. The only platform providing microarrays of oligonucleotide, peptide, and their analog sequences by in situ synthesis using conventional chemistry and a comprehensive list of off-the-shelf synthetic building blocks.

  • High Density – On Chip Parallel Synthesis
  • Customizable – DNA, RNA, Peptides, and Analogs
  • Versatile – Uses Conventional Chemistry