Our service is comprehensive and includes sample preparation of your total RNA sample, TaqMan® microRNA assay (in triplicate), and fully analyzed quantitative data.

TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays quantitate microRNAs with the specificity and sensitivity of TaqMan® assay chemistry. The assays target only mature microRNAs, not their precursors, ensuring biologically relevant results*.

Every TaqMan® MicroRNA Assay has been functionally validated under laboratory conditions to ensure accurate results.

Comprehensive Service Available
Assay PlatformTaqMan® MicroRNA Assays
Sample Requirement30 ng Total RNA
Species CoveredHuman, Mouse, Rat, Drosophila,
Arabidopsis, C. elegans
Dynamic Rangeup to 7 logs
Full Data Analysis Included
Data Delivery Time2-3 Weeks

  1. Comprehensive – This is a comprehensive service from your total RNA sample to fully analyzed quantitative microRNA expression data.
  2. Specific – These are highly sensitive validated assays specific to the miR(s) of your choice.
  3. 1-Stop Solution – qRT-PCR is the gold standard for validation of microarray expression data.
  4. We can provide you with both microarray and qRT-PCR profiling services for the most complete picture of microRNA expression in your samples

  • Relative Quantitation – For multiple sample experiments (e.g. treated and untreated) we can perform statistical analysis (t-test) to provide relative expression levels.
  • Customer should suggest one or preferable two endogenous controls. We will add an assay of each sample with the selected control probe(s) to the plate in order to calculate relative quantitation between samples. t-test will be performed.
  • Absolute Quantitation – We will add a standard curve (of spike in control RNA) to each plate. There are 7 data points/curve.
  • In all cases both raw and fully analyzed data will be provided to you.

*This test is performed pursuant to licensing arrangements with Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. and Applera Corporation.