1. Discover germline or somatic mutations (e.g., cancer and disease associated regions)
  2. Detect and quantify rare transcripts and transcript variants, such as single nucleotide mutations (SNP)
  3. Detect low frequency alleles
  4. Follow-up studies from whole genome approaches to validate mutations
  5. Resequence large custom genomic regions
  6. High throughput genotyping

VariantPro™ targeted sequencing system is based on a novel multiplex PCR technology that combines major innovations to facilitate simple operation and high performance in the preparation of targeted sequencing libraries.

  1. OmegaPrimer™ – a novel primer design that fundamentally improves primer specificity.
  2. RelayPCR™ – an elegant PCR method that combines multiple target capture and monoplex PCR amplification into a single reaction.
  3. Molecular Tags – used to identify individual PCR template molecules.

LC Sciences offers a customized solution to high-throughput genome wide variant analysis. Our in-house developed VariantPro™ method incorporates novel Relay-PCR and Omega Primer technologies to produce amplicons of high uniformity & specificity.  State of the art Illumina sequencing technology is the most successful and widely adopted next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology worldwide.

This service is comprehensive – from sample to data, providing advanced technology and years of experience.

Our “Sample to Data” comprehensive service includes: primer designs, sample QC, sample preparation (target selection, sample bar-coding, molecular tagging, library amplification), high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, and customer data report.

  • Target enrichment report, including capture specificity and completeness
  • Alignment to reference sequence
  • Quality metrics, including mapping statistics, hybridization and selection metrics, mapping stats, and basecall quality distributions
  • Annotated SNP/indel list for targeted regions (dbsnp, snp type, refseq genes, etc.)
  • SNPs/indels in VCF format
  • Genotyping-ready results delivered using VarSifter