• Innovative Technologies

    Massively parallel oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis on a microchip based on the µParaflo® microfluidics technology.

    Our scientists and engineers have developed platform technologies that encompass a new class of microfluidic µParaflo® reaction devices, an advanced digital light synthesizer apparatus, and picoliter scale biochemical processes.

    Innovative Technologies
  • Focus on Cancer Research

    The American Cancer Society estimates that close to 600,000 will die of cancer in the US in 2014. LC Sciences is dedicated to providing cancer researchers the tools and services they need to continue to fight this devastating disease that affects so many of us.

    Focus on Cancer Research
  • Webinar Recording

    Recent Work & Current Methods for
    Profiling Extracellular microRNAs

    Presented by – Dr. Moemen Abdalla, Norgen Biotek
    and Dr. Christoph Eicken , LC Sciences

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    Webinar Recording
  • Genomic Solutions

    Our genomics products and services include the use of custom synthesized microarrays based on the µParaflo® on-chip synthesis technology which enables the total customization of content on each individual microarray to suit your needs.

    Genomic Solutions
  • Transcriptomics Solutions

    Transcriptomics, or genome-wide expression profiling, aims to catalogue the complete set of RNA transcripts produced by the genome, including mRNAs, non-coding RNAs and small RNAs. LC Sciences now provides a one-stop solution for all your transcriptome discovery & profiling needs. We can provide you with microarray, sequencing and qRT-PCR profiling services for the most complete transcriptome analysis of your samples.

    Transcriptomics Solutions
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  • Proteomics Solutions

    Our proteomics products and services include the use of custom synthesized peptide microarrays based on the PepArray™ technology which enables the total customization of content on each individual microarray to suit your needs.

    Proteomics Solutions


microRNA Discovery & Profiling

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that are negative regulators of gene expression.

RNA Sequencing Services

Our comprehensive sequencing services make use of the latest in next-gen sequencing technologies.

Peptide Microarray Services

PepArray™ technology enables the total customization of content on each microarray to suit your needs.

OligoMix Genomics Product

OligoMix® is a pool of thousands of custom synthesized oligos for use in multiplexing reactions.

Technologies for Genomics & Proteomics Discoveries

Genomics Services

A complete line of custom specialty microarrays and biochips that are suitable for a wide range of synthesis, screening, and detection/sensing applications.

Transcriptomics Services

Transcriptome discovery and analysis services * microRNA, Small RNA, Whole Transcriptome * Next-Gen Sequencing services * Custom microarray profiling services

Proteomics Services

Custom peptide arrays and services for proteomic scale kinase profiling, epitope mapping, antibody and autoantibody detection, profiling phosphoprotein-binding proteins and domain-binding proteins.


V21 miRNA Microarrays are here!

Focus on Cancer Research

We sent you guys samples last year for DGE profiling and were very happy with the service. We would like to get another quote for 24 samples.–Dr Lynam-Lennon - Trinity Centre for Health Sciences

The current aptamer chips with our custom modification seem to be working really well.–Dr Jackson - Base Pair Biotechnologies

We have been very satisfied with our miRNA microarray and are very much looking forward to the RNA-Seq results!–Dr Mujahid - Stanford University

Thank you so much for caring so well for our samples!–Dr Grunig - Mirna Analytics

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come and help/train Patience.  I cannot describe how much this has helped us nor can I describe how much this acts as an advertisement for your company.  Word gets around quick that a company would be willing to send a person over and teach a lab how to do a protocol. Given my big mouth, I will continue to plug you all!–Eric, UT Medical School

My paper which was done with your great help has been published!–Dr. Lee, Kyungpook National University

They [LC Sciences] were very good. I didn’t know much about microarray work then, and they helped me to make a decision and determine which platform was good for me.–Dr Teferedegne, FDA

Thank you so much for locating and uploading the raw sequencing data after the service was done so long ago. This is definitely the best post-sale service I've ever experienced in the U.S.